There's ONLY ONE block that the player can stand on. The player can choose where this block will be placed by double jumping. 

I'm calling the game Floor is Acid because it's part of the idea of the game. You can't stand in a place other than the block you can teleport by jumping.


Arrows to Move

X to jump. X again do double jump and control the cursor that indicates where you want to place the block. Press X again to place the block.

There's some white squares on the screen, those are actually enemies i couldn't finish in time. 

There's a day/night cycle, the enemies could get more aggressive at night.

I've started to make the game too late, too much technical issues in my dev environment. Spent most of the Saturday fixing stuff.

The game is unfinished. There's no objective right now, i'm posting, mainly to show my idea. Let's see if i'll keep with the development.

Twitter: @EdoardoLopes


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Really cool idea. Please continue 


Cool idea. Shame there's no real objective, but fun anyway. Could make for a good mechanic in a full game, the character and block are fun to control